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About Us

The West Virginia Cable Television Association (WVCTA) began in 1978 to serve as the collective voice of the more than 150 companies then providing cable video services in West Virginia. Delivering quality video signals from broadcast outlets and the cable channels was the mission of the industry. WVCTA’s efforts focused on representing the interests of the industry throughout state government and with the municipal and county governments that had granted cable franchises to our members.


WVCTA changed its name to the West Virginia Cable Telecommunications Association in the early 2000s to reflect the rapidly changing nature of the industry. The WVCTA continued to represent industry interests on topics ranging from cable television to cable company entry into the telephone and long distances business.


The early 2000s brought the advent of the internet era and the rapid deployment of services from cable providers. Over the next decade, our member companies invested billions of dollars to bring the fastest broadband speeds possible to West Virginia customers. Internet telephony, WiFi and security services became possible to purchase from cable providers, as did an explosion of new video networks and programming in High Definition. West Virginia businesses and residential customers increased their demands for cable broadband to be extended everywhere throughout the state—even to the most rural locations.


WVCTA is once again rebranding its activities to better reflect the changed mission within our business by clearly recognizing that our members are the leading providers of internet and television services to West Virginians.


We are proud to be WVCTA—The Internet & Television Association!

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