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Our Board

Our organization is head by leaders in the industry dedicated to enhancing the quality and reach of cable television and broadband internet service in West Virginia. Our board members have years of experience in the cable telecommunications industry and bring innovative ideas to move our state forward and provide fast, reliable service to all West Virginians.

Officers and Directors

Chris Kyle, Board President, Shentel

Gordon Waters, Board Vice President, Armstrong

Terry Ellis, Board Treasurer, Comcast

Jason Kershner, Board Secretary, Charter

Gary Underwood, Charter Communications

Brian Vance, Armstrong

Fran Bradley, Breezeline

Marcie Callan, Comcast

Jim Campbell, Optimum

John Conwell, Comcast

Misty Allen, Comcast

Katherine Gessner, Massillon

Sue Talbott, Director Emeritus

Bob Legg, Director Emeritus

Michael Kelemen, Director Emeritus

Mark Polen, Executive Director

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